Concept Beard Co

About Us

Concept Beard Co came about after the troubles we (myself, Mike.  And my wife, Nicki)  had finding beard oil in Edmonton, and the inability to find any variety when it came to scents.  It was decided to make a company that would offer nice scents year round, as well as work on scents that would be considered limited time offers due to them being a seasonal scent, or made with products that are a little harder to come by.

All products are created by myself, with a lot of help from my wife.  I am constantly asking for her thoughts on the scent ideas that are constantly running through my head.  From how new scent combinations may smell, to how to improve current scents that I have, to new combinations of carrier oils.  As well, all of our products are hand crafted with all natural products.  Because of this, we make all attempts to use products that will not negatively effect the environment.  An example of this would be that we don't have a product that uses Sandalwood as the species has been declining in population worldwide, and is at risk of dying out in some regions.

Our ideas for Concept Beard Co is pretty simple, we wish to offer a quality product to our customers at a fair price.  And when a customer has an idea for a product that we don't have at the time, do our best to work with the customer to help create a scent for them.